Geo Oceans are innovators in robotic technology, specialising in small (mini) underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV). We develop industry-leading mini-ROV technology for subsea and internal tank inspections, executing Asset Deployed (AD) and small vessel operations at a fraction of the cost of traditional manned (diver) inspection or larger class ROVs.

The Vertech Group's Technology Roadmap defines our path to develop Robotic Inspection Technology (RIT) for inspections in land,sea and Air.

Bringing together the subsea and inspection specialisations of Vertech, Geo Oceans and Sonomatic, our services seamlessly combine to include marine class inspection, Mini ROV, AD ROV, conventional NDT, and Advanced NDT. All of these offerings can be tailored to fit the clients specific needs and can be further supplemented by our range of specialist maintenance packages.

The GO Visions system utilises marine science technology to capture and process data across large areas of marine habitats. The GO Visions hardware includes HD cameras and positioning sensors mounted on towed cameras or ROV platforms that relay information to topside control systems which then collates the data in to the GO Visions software. The GO Visions software allows field technicians to undertake real-time data analysis and process images, quantifying marine habitat distribution and changes. These capabilities significantly improve in-field productivity and reduce the need for post-field data processing, reducing team sizes, project time, and project cost.

The Mini-ROV Class Survey System (CSS) is specifically designed to perform Asset Deployed ROV (AD-ROV) inspections of vessel hulls, jackets, moorings, and riser systems from the splash zone to subsea. The robotic system is powerful, robust, and lightweight, perfectly designed for work in challenging conditions. AD-ROV capabilities include conventional UT & CP NDT, crack inspection & corrosion mapping advanced NDT, FMD & marine growth, and scale removal.