Mining and minerals sector services from Geo Oceans.

Mining & Minerals

Geo Oceans has a wealth of experience in delivering projects for the mining and minerals sector, both in Australia and internationally. Our mining-specific service packages have been designed to suit a wide array of subsea or splash zone projects, and utilise Asset Deployed ROV systems armed with proprietary technology, advanced software and cutting-edge ROV Mounted tooling.

Our many years of industry experience has enabled us to anticipate and plan for the key technical, logistical and safety considerations associated with the delivery of such projects.

This knowledge has also allowed us to refine our methodologies to improve the end-to-end service.

Geo Oceans is part of the Vertech Group, a collection of specialist providers who are each offer mining sectors services that are complementary to our own. Vertech (AU, NZ, USA) support us by providing specialist maintenance, specialist and rope access, inspection and integrity management services. Sonomatic is also a key group member and is a market leader in advanced NDT & subsea NDT.

Mining & Minerals Packages

Mining and minerals packages.
Our mining and minerals packages include:
  • GO Visions Seabed Monitoring Package
  • Advanced Robotics ROV Package (ADV-ROV)
  • Rapid Deployment ROV Package (RAP-ROV)
  • Infrastructure UAV Integrity Package
  • ROV Seismic Survey Service Package
  • Splash Zone Subsea ROV and Rope Access Package

Mining & Minerals Services

Mining and Minerals Services.
Our mining and minerals services include:
  • ROV delivered marine growth removal
  • ROV delivered marine bio security
  • Subsea construction & decommissioning support
  • ROV marine habitat mapping & monitoring
  • 3D modelling and photogrammetry
  • ROV deployed subsea advanced NDT
  • ROV deployed conventional NDT
  • ROV deployed repair and maintenance