Defence services from Geo Oceans.


Geo Oceans is proud to support the Australian Defence Force and its associated contractors with their inspection and maintenance needs. Our team utilise a fleet of mini ROV systems that are armed with proprietary technology, tooling and software systems to provide best-in-class services.

Our experience and expertise across multiple industries uniquely positions us as a leader in the defence market with a particular value proposition in supporting Naval infrastructure and Naval assets. Our products and services meet the rigorous and high-quality demands of the defence sector while still delivering results with uncompromised safety and reliability.

With our workforce located throughout Australia, we can quickly and effectively provide our expertise and Mini-ROV services wherever they are required.

Geo Oceans is further able to enhance its value proposition to our defence customers through our group affiliations in Vertech Group who are one of Australia’s most experienced marine class, NDT and In-Service Inspection (ISI) companies and our sister company Sonomatic who are a market leader in advanced NDT, subsea NDT and subsea inspection.

Defence Packages

Our defence packages include:
  • Confined Space Entry Management & Emergency Response Package (SAFE-SPACE)
  • Class Accredited Hull Inspection Package (manned & unmanned) (V-CLASS)
  • Diverless In-Water Inspection & Maintenance (CSS)
  • Alternative Access Package (VAAP)
  • DPS Package – corrosion mapping of pressure systems and methods to complete 100% corrosion mapping
  • UAV Package – innovative, fully integrated UAV inspection solutions for topside and marine tank inspections

Defence Services

Defence services from Geo Oceans.
Our defence services include:
  • Pressure system in-service inspection
  • Remote Digital Visual Inspection (RDVI)
  • Full range of conventional & advanced NDT (NATA accredited)
  • Coating inspection (NACE and ACA accredited)
  • Lifting equipment inspection and recertification (LEEA accredited)
  • Crane structural inspections
  • Dropped objects survey (DROPS accredited)
  • Marine class and structural inspection