ROV Seismic Support Services.

ROV Seismic Support Services

The true value of Geo Oceans’ ROV Seismic System, when coupled with our Mini-ROV resources, is its unrivalled flexibility to support high-value and time-critical seismic campaigns without the need for a dedicated ROV support vessel. The addition of the Geo Oceans ROV Seismic Systems to Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) or Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC) seismic campaigns has provided significant cost, time and efficiency gains across a multitude of different sized campaigns globally.

The Geo Oceans ROV Seismic System is often deployed in remote locations and includes two or three redundant Mini-ROV systems in addition to full spares and repair kits to keep the OBN and OBC seismic campaigns on schedule. To optimise seismic surveys, the ROV Seismic System requires two ROV technicians per shift and can be operated 24 hours or from several work fronts if more than one vessel is available. The ability to scale resources for comparatively little logistical effort and low cost mitigates some risk to project schedules and resources can be scaled up or down throughout the campaigns.

Geo Oceans ROV Seismic System

The Geo Oceans ROV Seismic System can be setup on vessels of opportunity that are already deployed in the field so there is no need for an additional ROV support vessels for the following subsea tasks:

Geo Oceans ROV Seismic System.
Our ROV Seismic support services include:
  • Retrieval of nodes, pingers and other infrastructure from the seafloor
  • Free entanglements
  • Environmental assessment when nodes are deployed around sensitive seafloor habitats
  • Acquisition of HD Video and positioning data to guide management and HSE decisions
  • Deployment and placement of nodes around infrastructure
  • Other ad hoc tasks that arise during the seismic survey