Subsea repair and maintenance.

Subsea Repair & Maintenance

Geo Oceans has a wealth of experience in completing subsea maintenance, repair and cleaning services using a fleet of Mini-ROV observation class systems equipped with a range of custom tooling.

Geo Oceans integrate state-of-the-art cameras, sensors and manipulator technology onto small, powerful and agile Mini-ROVs to provide capabilities traditionally only possible when using large work class ROVs or divers, which also require costly dive support vessels.

Our small ROVs are quick, efficient and cost-effective to mobilise, can be manually deployed from vessels, offshore platforms or port infrastructure and can operate in challenging weather conditions around the clock.

Repair and maintenance services

To support repair and maintenance plans we use photogrammetry or laser technology to create accurate 3D models and point clouds of subsea objects for accurate size and volume measurements.

We then quantify deviation against as-built drawings and models, such as corrosion or damage, or design objects for manufacture.

Subsea repair and maintenance rovs.
Some of our subsea repair and maintenance services include:
  • Deployment of subsea tooling
  • Rotary brush cleaning
  • Mechanical chippers and cleaning tooling
  • High pressure water blasting
  • Laser scanning, 3D modelling
  • Actuators & five function Manipulators
  • Hull penetration plug installation
  • Construction Support
  • Full site of inspection & NDT systems to assist in quantifying repair plans and integrity