Geo Oceans has a wealth of experience across the globe inspecting subsea infrastructure, splash zones and platform jackets using Asset Deployed ROV observation class systems.

Geo Oceans integrates state-of-the-art cameras, sensors, manipulator technology and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) systems onto small, powerful and agile Mini-ROVs. This allows us to provide services that traditionally are only possible using large work-class ROVs or divers, which also require costly dive support vessels.

Our Mini-ROVs are quick, efficient, cost-effective to mobilise, can be manually deployed from the platform and can operate in challenging sea conditions.

The Geo Oceans team has developed subsea tools to improve the accuracy of our data and has armed our ROV systems with various technologies to stabilise the ROV to the structure if required.

The benefits of Asset Deployed ROV fixed platform inspections include:

  • Eliminates the need for support vessels
  • Rapid and low cost mobilization by air freight anywhere in the world
  • Subsea conventional and advanced NDT
  • Specialist cleaning capability for hulls, chains, risers and water ballast tanks
  • Eliminates manned entry into confined spaces
  • Removes the need for divers and dive support vessels
  • Zero or reduced downtime - optimizing operating limits
  • Improved data quality and repeatability with HD video and other data recorded in a data management system (e.g. Digital Edge)


Stag Platform Asset Deployed ROV Inspection

Geo Oceans and Vertech completed an Asset Deployed ROV inspection of the Western Australian Stag Platform. A small team of ROV and inspection personnel performed the entire inspection from the asset using the Mini ROV CSS system. GVI, cleaning, CVI and NDT inspection tasks were completed across the superstructure, risers and conductors.

Marine Growth Assessment and Predictions

Geo Oceans was engaged to assess marine growth to inform a life extension campaign for a Western Australian oil production platform. Nine years of historical ROV inspection data was analysed to determine the marine growth profile across the structure at the time of each inspection. Working with one of the industry’s leading marine growth experts, Geo Oceans predicted the marine growth profiles on the structure for future periods.

RTM J-Tube Inspection Advanced NDT

Geo Oceans and Vertech planned and executed a complex Mini-ROV advanced NDT scope on riser turret mooring J-tubes. The scope included high-pressure water cleaning of 20-year-old marine growth, CVI inspection, advanced NDT ACFM inspection of welds and circumferential C-scan corrosion mapping of the J-tubes, all within the splash zone. Bespoke ACFM actuator and ROV attachment systems were engineered, tested and demonstrated in Geo Oceans’ R&D test tank facility and in a 3D computer model prior to mobilisation offshore.

Inspection of Decommissioned Platform Infrastructure

As part of a decommissioning strategy for offshore infrastructure in SE Asia, our client placed redundant structures (oil platform jackets) on the seabed as potential artificial reefs. Geo Oceans was commissioned to undertake an ROV field campaign inspecting the decommissioned oil rig structures as well as assess colonisation by benthic organisms and fish communities. High resolution geo-referenced still images and videos were delivered to the client for their subsequent analysis and reporting.