Australian Giant Cuttlefish ROV Population Research


Traditional survey methods for studying marine species can be invasive and disruptive to their natural habitat. The client required a non-invasive, accurate, and efficient approach to estimate the overall population size and biomass of the Australian Giant Cuttlefish while minimizing disturbance to the marine ecosystem.


Geo Oceans implemented an innovative ROV-based approach to conduct the study, leveraging cutting-edge technology, including:

  • Stereo camera systems
  • Shallow water positioning technology
  • Remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) system

These advanced tools were mounted on the ROV system, enabling the team to collect accurate and detailed data on the cuttlefish population without disturbing their natural environment.


The use of ROV technology in this project led to several key outcomes:

  • Collection of precise data on the size and abundance of the cuttlefish population
  • Non-invasive estimation of the overall population size and biomass
  • Reduced risk of disturbing the cuttlefish population, ensuring their safety and well-being

Compared to traditional survey methods, Geo Oceans’ ROV-based approach proved highly effective and safe, providing valuable insights into the Australian Giant Cuttlefish population.


This project demonstrates the potential of using ROV-based technology in future studies of marine species. By offering a non-invasive and efficient method for monitoring underwater ecosystems, Geo Oceans’ innovative approach has significant implications for conservation and management efforts in marine environments.

Geo Oceans’ expertise in marine research and cutting-edge technology enabled the successful completion of this comprehensive study of the Australian Giant Cuttlefish population. The innovative ROV-based approach provided the client with the desired results and paved the way for future research and conservation efforts in marine ecosystems.

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