Coral growing on a structure.

Platform Deployed ROV Cleaning and Inspection

Geo Oceans was engaged to perform subsea marine growth cleaning on an older jacket structure in Australia’s North West. The structure had 100% coverage of marine growth with significant amounts of hard coral and soft growth (up to 400mm thick). The client was undergoing a life extension campaign and needed to reduce weight and hydrodynamic load to approved allowable limits set by a classification society.

Geo Oceans mobilised custom platform deployed ROV Systems with high pressure water blasters configured to remove hard and soft marine growth. The team worked 24 hour ops or 12 hour ops with multiple ROV work fronts in and around the facilities normal operations, including through the peak of the COVID Pandemic.

The client found our involvement to be minimal fuss allowing the facility to operate as normal with minimal interruptions.

Cleaning results were very good with marine growth removed back to coating across all of the priority areas resulting in substantial reduction in loading on the structure.

Coral growing on a structure.