Jetty Inspection Campaign

Geo Oceans have recently completed multiple successful jetty survey campaigns for clients such as Woodside, Santos, and Rio Tinto. Through using Geo Ocean’s advanced ROV technology, asset deployment, and expertise, the teams in the field were able to deliver on highly technical jetty inspection campaigns with ease.


Beginning with Woodside’s KGP plant, our largest of the recent campaigns. Geo Oceans were contracted to conduct ROV as well as drone surveys on the plant’s jetty berths and firewater ponds. The inspections were primarily performed on Pylons from both below the sea line as well as topside, further allowing our team to conduct a full-scale structural inspection of the jetty.

The types of inspection conducted on the pylons included both general and close visual inspection methods as well as ultrasonic testing, conducted through the integration of specialised tooling onboarded to our SRV-8 ROV. Prior to conducting the underwater inspection, our team performed cleaning on the pylons using a high-pressure water blasting function built into our ROV, removing marine growth and allowing for more accurate testing data. In addition to this testing, we were also able to produce 3D modelling of the structure, enabling our structural engineering team to identify, highlight and reproduce 3D models of any defects in the structure through the use of a specialised aerial drone. These models can be used as references in future campaigns allowing for comparative analysis of data.


Geo Oceans was also contracted by Santos to conduct cathodic protection testing as well as cleaning on the DLNG jetty. Both capabilities were delivered completely by our SRV-8 ROV from a vessel of opportunity, allowing for a rapid mobilisation with added ease. 


Geo Oceans was also contracted by Rio Tinto to perform general visual inspections on pylon marine growth at the Parker Point jetty.

These projects mark a huge milestone for Geo Oceans as we continue to surpass inspection limitations associated with conventional means of testing during jetty inspection campaigns. We are continuing to refine and improve our services by incorporating various technologies, methodologies, and techniques to deliver a succinct suite of inspection services.