Jacket Marine Growth Survey and Coral Monitoring Program in South East Asia

Geo Oceans recently executed a large marine science campaign as part of our growing operations in Asia. The notable client engaged with Geo Oceans as they were seeking expertise in ROV survey, marine science and subsea infrastructure assessment, and to build on coral monitoring work completed by Geo Oceans prior to and during a large seismic survey in prior years.

The scope included various survey and sampling methods, requiring marine science capabilities both in field and in post survey data processing – as well as experience operating ROVs around numerous (sometimes densely packed) subsea assets and infrastructure.

The campaign was a success. Throughout 35 days of in-water operation, Geo Oceans produced:
  • 54 coral and benthic habitat transects (Identifying organisms down to genus or species)
  • 43 Pipeline transects (Identifying marine growth and cover on pipeline)
  • 56 Sediment samples (precisely taken at incremental distances from pipelines)
  • 31 offshore platform legs were surveyed for both density of marine growth and identification of marine growth (down to genus or species) as it changed with depth
  • 93 marine growth samples were collected from offshore platform legs

All of this was completed in 35 days of in-water operation, across 136 dives, with over 96 hours of dive time and just 2 hours of equipment down time. And that was just the field operations.


After data collection, Geo Oceans was able to provide the client with:
  • GIS shapefiles for habitat mapping on all sites surveyed
  • Sediment samples from surveyed pipelines for laboratory analysis
  • Biota samples from offshore platform legs for laboratory analysis
  • Further video footage from offshore platforms for fish biodiversity analysis

As well as being proud of the result, the Geo Oceans team enjoyed the challenges and the people they had the opportunity to work with. We’re looking forward to the next successful campaign.