Our project managers, ROV teams and asset inspectors work with clients to perform subsea inspection campaigns tailored to suit the specific class requirements and facility needs using our proprietary Class Survey System (CSS).

Pushing the boundaries in innovation is our 'link-to-shore' capability which allows clients to see the inspection in real-time. This not only gives the client a completely new understanding of the work we do, it also keeps them much more involved. Our survey planning process is continually refined to help our clients streamline operations and is key factor in obtaining the most favourable conditions. If weather or SIMOPS should prove an issue, our team are trained to quickly adapt, being able to perform tank and other onboard inspections to remain useful and utilised during delays.

Our Mini-ROVs utilise a suite of high-definition cameras, photogrammetry, tooling systems and NDT technologies to collect tank, hull envelope and riser turret mooring inspection data in a cost efficient, safe and thorough manner. Our tank surveys are class accredited with every major classification society and meet international standards.

A key advantage of using our specialised asset deployed ROVs for Marine class inspection in the ballast tanks is that the inspection can be performed without de-watering the tank reducing facility downtime while also avoiding costly and dangerous Confined Space Entry (CSE) requirements.

This service can integrate seamlessly with others offered by our group partners. We have performed many successful campaigns working alongside Vertech's multidisciplined hull inspection teams, who are experienced in rope access, UAV inspection, NDT and specialised maintenance.

  • Rapid low cost mobilisation
  • Asset deployed removing expensive dive support vessels
  • Removed the requirement for divers or work class ROVs
  • Surface cleaning capability
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement capable (UTM)
  • Advanced NDT system ready
  • Five function manipulators for fine motor function
  • Enables 24 hours operations with no down time
  • High definition Video Footage
  • Photogrammetry & 3D modeling


FPSO Ballast Tank Class Survey RTM Inspection

Geo Oceans provided ROV equipment, a specially designed ROV habitat inside a hazardous area on the FPSO and personnel to conduct class inspections. The scope included inspection of two internal ballast tanks for ABS class requirements and inspection of the FPSOs riser turret mooring. The ROV team worked closely with the attending ABS class surveyor to achieve the requirements of the scope successfully.

FPSO In Water Class Survey (UWILD)

Geo Oceans and Vertech demonstrated the capabilities of the ROV vessel inspection system for in water surveys (IWS) on an offshore FPSO. Tasks included NDT, visual and fouling cleaning. The ROV Vessel Inspection System included hull attachment tools for stabilisation, HP and mechanical cleaning tools, CP and UT sensors, sonar for navigation, laser profiler and caliper tools for chain link measurements.

2019 FPSO ROV Turret and External Hull Inspection

Geo Oceans were engaged to complete a Mini-ROV inspection to perform in-water survey tasks, focusing on covering the internal and external turret areas and all splash zone around the FPSO Hull. The Scope of work includes GVI and CVI on the general structures, UTM around the turret hull plating, ACFM on the complex welds and CP measurement on the selected areas.

2019 FPSO ROV Moonpool and Hull Inspection

Multidisciplined Geo Oceans and Vertech team completed a 3-week campaign on a large FPSO inspecting Moonpool tanks and a section of the external hull using ROVs and RDVI cameras. The ROVs and RDVI cameras performed GVI and CVI inspections throughout the Moonpool tanks to satisfy DNV GL inspection requirements without having to dewater the tanks or perform confined space entries. The ROV was also deployed externally on the hull to inspect areas within the splash zone as a value add.

Lloyds Register FPSO Ballast Tank ROV Special Survey

Geo Oceans and Vertech were engaged to plan and execute a ballast tank special survey inspection with the Mini-ROV Class Survey System (CSS). The scope included Class-approved work pack creation, planning and scheduling followed by site execution including GVI, CVI, HD video, laser scaling, 3D modelling, high-pressure blasting, approx. 1,000 UTM readings per tank witnessed by the attending Lloyds Register surveyor.

Internal and External FPSO Riser Turret Mooring inspection

Geo Oceans completed a complex asset deployed Mini-ROV inspection scope including HD visual inspections, HP water blasting, rotary brush cleaning, proximity and impact CP, a range of NDT inspections, 3D modelling, inclinometer measurements and advanced NDT inspection across a range of different internal and external structures and features. The project included performing all operations from within a zone rated and confined space area which were previously deemed un-accessible through other means.