The Geo Oceans' ADV-ROV Class ROVs are ROV systems specifically for projects where dexterity and finesse are critical to the subsea task. The various Advanced Robotics ROV systems have 5-function robotic arms that can perform fine motor function, making them perfect for controlling highly sensitive NDT tools on the seafloor or on the bottom of tanks.

Geo Oceans has proven experience in NDT inspection planning, advising clients on NDT methods, and providing solutions to ensure compliance to international standards.

Working with Sonomatic, we can provide a complete collection of Subsea Advanced NDT services from commonly used advanced NDT methods right the way up to bespoke and proprietary subsea inspection solutions.

The ADV-ROV tools are operated using topside-controlled actuator arms by our technicians who have hundreds of hours of flight experience and are able to manoeuvre a vehicle with millimetre accuracy.

Our advanced NDT attachments frequently conduct subsea Ultrasonic Testing (UT) and Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM) on various offshore structures, also deploying advanced NDT systems for corrosion mapping in a payload capacity.

  • Advanced 5-function manipulation
  • NDT inspection tooling
  • Pitch control
  • Advanced cleaning capabilities
  • In-tank inspection
  • Object and debris retrieval