ROV Fish Surveys – Australian Giant Cuttlefish

Project Summary

Geo Oceans were recently hired by a client to conduct a comprehensive study of the Australian Giant Cuttlefish population in South Australia’s Spencer Gulf, near Whyalla.

To perform this survey, Geo Oceans utilized cutting-edge technology, including stereo camera systems and shallow water positioning technology, which were mounted on a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) system. The use of ROV technology allowed the team to collect accurate and detailed data on the size and abundance of the cuttlefish population, which was then processed to estimate the overall population size and biomass.

Compared to traditional survey methods, the ROV-based approach used by Geo Oceans proved to be highly effective and safe. It allowed the team to collect data in a non-invasive manner and minimized the risk of disturbing the cuttlefish population. This innovative approach has significant implications for future studies of marine species, as it provides a new tool for monitoring and understanding the dynamics of underwater ecosystems.

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